Accuracy Performance & Function Inc.

Accuracy Performance & Function Inc. distributes the popular, unique and innovative TCS brand cleaning supplies and provides industry consulting, including manufacturing process improvement, design enhancement, and new product evaluation. Our highly experienced industry experts use, service, and repair firearms. We specialize in using our decades of experience to make firearms more usable, and easier to care for.

We are dedicated to taking care of the people who take care of us, so we are a Law Enforcement, Military, and Veteran friendly company. We have discounts for LEO's, Active and retired Military, Guard and Reserve members and Veterans. Please contact us for discounts.

For a list of the products we distribute, please either click the link Products We Distribute or go to our Secure E-store APF Secure E-Store

Thank you for being our customer. We are grateful to have the opportunity to provide you with the best cleaning supplies and firearms accessories on the market.