The Bravery, Honesty, and Integrity of Law Enforcement in the United States is second to none

We, at Accuracy Performance and Function,tm along with TCS Manufacturing,tm are dedicated to ensuring that the police forces in the United States have the best equipment and the best supplies to maintain and care for that equipment. Please join the following Law Enforcement Agencies in using TCS Manufacturingtm Cleaning Equipment. We have special rates for Law Enforcement, and we will get you the best deal on the best cleaning supplies available. Please call us at 315-986-1717 ext 2. Ask for Bert. Bert will set your account up with special law enforcement pricing.

Law Enforcement Agencies Using TCS Manufacturing Cleaning Products

Maryland Natural Resources Police in Flintstone Maryland

Palmyra Police Department in Palmyra New York

Washington State Patrol In Olympia Washington

Wayne County Sheriff Department In Lyons New York